Delco high school gets national recognition by Special Olympics

Sun Valley High School in Delaware County was recognized as a Unified Champion School with the Special Olympics.

Video Transcript

- It doesn't matter your background, your make, or model, or anything like that. We want our students feeling welcome, accepted, that they have the abilities to do everything that everyone else can do. We truly see you kind of, like, that leap of faith. You see them trusting their peer buddy, saying, we can do this together, and truly taking the plunge.

DESTINY ROBINSON: This year has been bringing a lot of memories and a lot of faith in me. I'm hopeful that I can be a firefighter, and become a better student, and become a special needs teacher.

MATT AARON: A Unified Champion School brings students together with and without intellectual disabilities on the same team. Sun Valley is one of only 17 schools in the entire state of Pennsylvania to be recognized as a national banner Unified Champion School. And that magic happens, not because somebody from Special Olympics comes in and does it. It happens, because the students make it happen.

AJ GORDON: The kids with disabilities are cool. Everyone's, like, together, no matter what disability you have.

ALLY UNDERWOOD: I've learned that they're no different. Everyone's all the same, and they're just such happy people. And they're awesome to be around.

- To receive this distinction, it has everything to do with our students, and their supportive families, and our special ed staff. It's a lot of moving parts, a lot of pieces to make an event, like a track and field meet happen or a boccie event. It takes everybody rowing the right direction, and we have that here at Penn Delco, and certainly, at Sun Valley.