Deliveroo to hire three food reviewers – and they’ll pay in takeaways

Emily Cope
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With pubs and restaurants closed, takeaways have been the saviour of Lockdown 3.0 - and now you can get paid to eat your Friday night chicken chow mein.

Food-delivery service Deliveroo is hiring three food reviewers to taste test the 80,000 restaurants featured on the app - including local eats as well as chains like Wagamama, Five Guys and Pizza Hut - to help find any “hidden gems”.

Successful applications will receive enough credit for a year of free deliveries (valued at £3,120) and will have to post their reviews on the app alongside photographs of their meal.

According to the Deliveroo website, applicants need to apply online and “be willing to try different foods, have a palette for sweet and savoury and a sense of culinary adventure (sic).”

The employment drive comes after lockdown fueled the country’s appetite for takeaways, with UK delivery orders surging by almost 400 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2020, compared with the same period in 2019, according to Just Eat.

Deliveroo also revealed the most popular takeaway dish in the UK is a burger, with residents in London, Leeds and Cambridge ordering the most alcohol with their meals.

Those living in Sheffield are most likely to order a Margherita pizza, Swansea residents are enjoying the boneless bucket from KFC and people living in Edinburgh are fans of Pad Thai.

Aisha Jefferson at Deliveroo added: “Great food is there to be discovered, and we want to help more people find it. In the past year, we’ve welcomed over 20,000 new restaurants on the platform, now we need three curious connoisseurs who ‘get’ food as much as we do to hero the hidden gems and help us in our year of food discovery.”

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