Delivery Truck Plows Into Rittenhouse Square Dining Pod

Matt Petrillo reports.

Video Transcript

UKEE WASHINGTON: You may have thought about it if you have dined al fresco during the pandemic, a driver crashing into an outdoor eating area. It happened today in Rittenhouse Square. Matt Petrillo joins us now. Absolutely frightening, Matt.

MATT PETRILLO: Yeah, Ukee, that's right. But the good news in all of this was no one was inside that dining pod at the time of the crash. From above, Chopper 3 shows an outside dining pod that was dragged into the middle of the street by a delivery truck. It happened here at 18th and Sansom Streets in Center City, just outside of Tria Cafe.

WALLACE JOHNSON: The main part that was destroyed was the front part right there that's in the building.

MATT PETRILLO: Fortunately, no one was inside the pod, and no one was hurt. But crews now say, the only way to move it is in pieces.

WALLACE JOHNSON: We have to tear down the whole thing. They want to keep whatever is salvageable, but for the most part, we are trying to get it out the street as fast as possible.

MATT PETRILLO: Meantime, some restaurants are stepping up their game when it comes to outside eating. This restaurant has individual eating pods. And this is Rouge in Rittenhouse Square.

ROB WASSERMAN: So we have water fountains going, and then gnomes, and having fun with just having, like, hanging gardens.

MATT PETRILLO: It's outside eating area has been transformed into a garden with lots of spring vibes.

ROB WASSERMAN: We're lucky enough that we're on Rittenhouse Square, so that gives us the added benefit. But it's still, it's something to have an experience for people to be able to come, feel relaxed and comfortable, especially during this period.

MATT PETRILLO: Diners are enjoying it.

SAVANNAH SIVER: I think it is really nice. And I think they did a good job, and it looks really pretty. That's kind of why we came here because we were like, oh, it's pretty, we should eat here.

JULIA CARROLL: It's really cool. I like all the greenery. Yeah. It's very spring-y.

MATT PETRILLO: It's certainly really beautiful inside. And the owner of Rouge tells us, if he didn't have this outside eating area during the winter months, he might not have been able to stay open. We're live in Rittenhouse Square. Matt Petrillo, CBS3, Eyewitness News.

UKEE WASHINGTON: OK, Matt. Thank you for--