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Delroy Lindo talks Spike Lee’s ‘genius,’ Oscar buzz

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Actor Delroy Lindo says he has a “really enhanced appreciation" for Spike Lee's "particular genius.” He also discusses his performance in Lee’s ‘Da 5 Bloods’ which has produced Oscar chatter. (Jan. 29)

Video Transcript

DELROY LINDO: I see ghosts, y'all. I see ghosts.

- That happens to all of us, man.

DELROY LINDO: So you've seen him too?

- Yeah.

DELROY LINDO: Dead come to you at night, huh? Stormin' Norm comes to me every night. Now he talk to you like he talk to me?

- [INAUDIBLE] , come on.

DELROY LINDO: I don't think so.

- Come on.

DELROY LINDO: I was thinking there's something particular and special a few weeks into the work. And certainly, by the time we wrapped. I told my lady, this was, this was special, this was a special experience. And I have said in the past that I would be feeling that about the experience of making this work no matter how audiences responded.

- Spike!

- Top row, top row!

DELROY LINDO: Throughout this process, meaning the various junkets and the various interviews that I've done supporting the film, I really have a really enhanced appreciation for Spike's particular genius. The cat is, the cat is a genius. Listening to how he communicates, what he communicates, his attention to detail and the historical perspective that he brings not only to the work, but the historical perspective that he's plugged into as a human being on the planet, for me, constitute a certain kind of genius.

- If you can look back to when you first became an actor and someone were to tell you you're going to one day possibly get an Oscar nomination, but it's going to take 40 years to do so.


- What would you tell yourself?

DELROY LINDO: I maybe would have said, so in 40 years, I'll still be working as an actor? Good. That's what I want. I want a 40-year career. I want a 50-year career. So you know what? Let the chips fall where they may. But if you're telling me that I'll still be working as an actor in 40 years, amen, God bless it.