Delta College bringing student services to Lodi

Mar. 4—Not only has Delta College brought some of its courses to the northern part of the county, it is now bringing some of its student services to Lodi.

The college announced Thursday that it has partnered with the World of Wonders Science Museum to provide services such as registration and financial aid to students from the north county and Galt.

"Last fall we began offering classes at the WOW Museum in northern San Joaquin County, and now we're excited to take that a step further by offering in-person assistance with services like registration, financial aid, and more," Delta president and superintendent Lisa Aguilera Lawrenson said. "We hope this is convenient for students in the Lodi and Galt areas as we look to provide them with higher education opportunities closer to home, and we're thankful to the WOW Museum for their partnership on this effort."

Services offered through the WOW and Delta partnership will include counselor and enrollment support; application and financial aid support; orientation; special topics such as tutoring; and general assistance.

Counselor and enrollment support will be provided March 6 and April 3 at 4:30 p.m., while application and financial aid services will be offered March 20 at 2:30 p.m.

Special topics, including disability support, tutoring and math engineering science achievement, will be provided April 10 at 2:30 p.m.

General services assistance will be offered every Monday at 2:30 p.m.

Sally Snyde, WOW president and CEO, said the addition of student services at the museum is another positive aspect of an educational partnership with the college.

She added that Delta has already committed to offering courses this summer and the fall.

"I think this is permanent," she said. "It's working out for both of us, and it's helping north county students with a place to go. And we're not getting just college students. We have high school students coming in. The classes are filling up, and it's just nice to see this is working really well."

Last August, the college announced it would offer six classes at the Downtown Lodi museum, including college algebra, reading and composition, psychology, probability/statistics, and reading and composition with support, in the evenings Monday through Thursday.

Offering the classes was the first step in re-examining the potential to build a Delta campus in north San Joaquin County.

The college has considered building a satellite campus in Lodi or Galt since the passage of its Measure L bond in 2004.

Sites previously considered but eventually passed on included 140 acres off East Liberty Road neat Highway 99 in Galt, as well as four pieces of property between the Mokelumne River and east Highway 12.