Delta Seats, Coronavirus Vaccine, Thanksgiving Plans: News Nearby

Kathleen Sturgeon

There was plenty of news across Georgia on Wednesday. If you missed any of it on your local Patch, here's a roundup of the top stories from the past 24 hours.

Atlanta Mayor Points At Gov. Kemp Amid Recent Crime Surge

After deadly nightclub shootings and other crimes, Bottoms said people flock to Atlanta while other states are closed down due to COVID-19.

GA Election Count Should Finish Wednesday: Official

Georgia election officials have said they expect to finish the review on Wednesday, two days before the state deadline to certify results.

Thanksgiving Plans During Coronavirus: Take Georgia Patch Survey

Does the coronavirus pandemic affect your Thanksgiving celebrations? Take our reader survey.

Georgia Lacks Plan To Distribute New COVID Vaccines To Most Vulnerable

Two potential vaccine candidates are showing promising results in preliminary tests.

Coronavirus spread by county:

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