Dem lawmakers call hacking briefing 'incomplete'

Several Democratic lawmakers blast the U.S response to a hack of computer systems in the U.S. and around the globe that officials suspect was carried out by Russia. (Dec. 18)

Video Transcript

SHEILA JACKSON LEE: I think it is a cyber disaster that we as Americans have the ability to fix, but we have to have the will to fix, and we have to move quickly on the investigation. And we have to be able to join as Congress, Republicans and Democrats, House and Senate, and, of course, the incoming president to be able to say no more. This is adversarial. This was not a Sunday outing. This was malicious, and we have to address it.

DEBBIE WASSERMAN-SCHULTZ: Their briefings were obtuse, sorely lacking in detail, and really seemed an attempt to provide us with the barest of minimum in information that they had to give us. It was only, really through the probing questions asked by my colleagues that we got any level of detail.

The level of detail we got was disturbing. But frankly, most of it, we've already read in the paper. So the administration needs to be forthcoming. They need to give Congress the details and the information that we need to be able to make sure that an attack like this can never happen again, and that didn't happen today.

BENNIE THOMPSON: It was incomplete, to say the least. The members generally were looking for some additional specificity that didn't come about. We know we have a very deep problem. The length of the problem is still being identified, and so it's a work in progress.