Demi Lovato Went Instagram Official with a New Guy—Here's What You Need to Know About Him

Mehera Bonner

From Cosmopolitan

  • Demi Lovato just went Instagram official with her new boyfriend, Austin Wilson.

  • Austin is a professional model and lives in Los Angeles—get more deets below!

Surprise! Demi Lovato just went Instagram official with her new boyfriend Austin Wilson and nobody even knew they were dating. Demi hit everyone's grid with the news late last night, sharing a photo of her and Austin cuddling in a cute mirror selfie. She made her feelings pretty clear in the cation, writing "My ❤️..."

Meanwhile, Austin also shared a photo to his Instagram, which he went ahead and captioned "My Love 🥰"

So....who is this guy? Lemme go ahead and save you an internet deep dive: Austin is a Los Angeles based model. At this point, it's unclear how he and Demi met at this point, but they run in the same friendship circles and were both close to model Thomas Trussell III, who tragically died after a battle with addiction in October:

We also know Austin is a family dude (look at this cute bb!!!):

And that his dad is a pro skater named George Wilson (he was one of the Z-Boys) who has a clothing line called Rivi Goods:

And we know he's big into body art:

And that he's super close to his mom—which is always a good thing:

Oh and of course we know that his Instagram comments are absolutely blowing up right now thanks to excited Demi fans, so go ahead and show some support for ya girl:

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