The Democratic National Convention used John Prine's last recording for a COVID-19 memorial video

The opening night of the Democratic National Convention virtual experiment had its high points and low ones, the speeches from Democratic and a handful of Republican politicians interspersed with musical performances, prerecorded videos, conversations with normal people who said they will vote for Joe Biden, and lots of Eva Longoria. In one of the night's more somber moments, the Democrats broadcast an in memoriam video for the 170,500 people who have died from COVID-19 in the U.S.

One of those Amerians who died from complications COVID-19 was the great singer-songwriter John Prine, and his final recording, "I Remember Everything," was the soundtrack to the memorial.

Soon after Prine died on April 7, his label released his last song, written with longtime collaborator Pat McLaughlin, NPR reports. Since the Democrats couldn't list all 170,000-plus Americans who have died from the coronavirus, they listed occupations and other descriptors instead. Prine's was simply "Musician." You can watch him play the full song below.

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