Democratic Senate hopeful Jon Ossoff of Georgia holds drive-through event to ‘inspire people out to the polls’

Jon Ossoff, one of the two Democrats running for the U.S. Senate in Georgia, is looking to build off President-elect Joe Biden’s narrow victory in the state. By holding various socially distanced events all over Georgia to connect with voters, Ossoff hopes the more engagement he has with residents will translate to historic voter turnout in the Jan. 5 runoff.

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JON OSSOFF: We are inspiring people out to the polls. And the barrage of negativity doesn't even have any impact. We tune it out, don't worry about it. This is about energizing unprecedented, record-shattering turnout here in Georgia with early voting [? beginning ?] on December 14.

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I think that Georgians recognize the high stakes of these two Senate runoffs because this incoming administration needs the capacity to govern, to enact legislation that will get us out of this crisis, empowering health experts, getting emergency financial relief to families and businesses. And if we have nonstop obstructionism and gridlock in Washington, we won't be able to get that done. So the stakes are very high. And I'm hearing voters who are invigorated by Joe Biden's victory here who recognize that Trump is leaving. And now we have the opportunity to define the next era in our history.

But we can't do that unless we win these two Senate races. It's not just about COVID-19. We have to make sure that health care is a human right for families in Georgia and across the country. We have to invest in infrastructure and clean energy to promote economic recovery and save our planet. We have to expand civil rights and voting rights.

And Georgia voters recognize that all of that is on the line. And our capacity to enact legislation that achieves those goals depends upon winning these two Senate races. So the energy is high, the determination is high, and we're working really hard to get out the vote.

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JON OSSOFF: Thank you so much. We just need to get out the vote.

All right, here come the signs, [INAUDIBLE]. Watch yourself.

The strength of Democratic candidates up and down the ballot these last five years in Georgia has been driven by powerful, determined turnout among Black voters in Georgia. It's the Black community that's been hit the hardest by COVID-19. It's the Black community that's been hit the hardest by this economic crisis. It's the Black community that is hurting because the continued failure of this country to deliver equal justice under the law means that we need a new Civil Rights Act and a new Voting Rights Act. And Black voters are the heart and soul of the Democratic electorate here in Georgia, the focus of our turnout efforts, and cannot be taken for granted.

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JON OSSOFF: Thank you.