Democrats demand masks and vaccines as confidence plummets

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Democrats are overwhelmingly buying into new and strict COVID mandates out of Washington, with two-in-three endorsing vaccines and mandatory masks — even for the vaccinated.

In the latest Rasmussen Reports survey:

  • 66% of Democrats said masks should be “required” in public spaces, including those who have been vaccinated.

  • 63% of Democrats said vaccinations should be mandatory.

  • 71% of Democrats said masks should be required in public, even for those who have had the virus and presumably now have the antibodies.

Less than 30% of Republicans agree with any of those demands, said Rasmussen.

And when all likely voters are put into the mix, the nation is divided on the requirements.

“Amid growing concern about the ‘Delta variant’ of COVID-19, politics divides Americans over the response, with Democratic voters overwhelmingly in favor of a return to requiring masks in public,” said Rasmussen.

The shocking endorsement of the strict measures comes as the nation has flipped on its belief that President Joe Biden’s plan is working to bring back regular life in the nation.

A new survey from Gallup showed a stunning drop in confidence that the virus situation “was getting better.”

A month ago, 89% were optimistic about the plague ending. Now, that’s just 40%.

Gallup also showed growing support for a lockdown, with a rise to 41% to stay home to avoid infection.

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