Democrats to elect new chairperson

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Sep. 30—ANDERSON — Local officials of the Madison County Democratic Party will gather this weekend to elect a new county chairperson.

Earlier this month Thomas Newman Jr. resigned from the chairmanship that he had assumed earlier this year.

There are three announced candidates for the position that will be filled at 2 p.m. Sunday at the Millcreek Civic Center in Chesterfield.

Amie Hood, the current county vice chairperson, is seeking the chairmanship position along with Tamie Dixon-Tatum and John Etchison.

Hood currently serves as the Monroe Township Trustee and will be seeking re-election in 2022.

Dixon-Tatum is the director of the City of Anderson's Civil and Human Rights Department.

She sought the position of vice chairperson earlier this year. Dixon-Tatum has run for several offices in the past, including Madison County Treasurer and the Indiana State Senate.

A state party rule requires that the two top county leadership positions be occupied by a man and woman.

No matter what the outcome is on Sunday, local Democrats will have to conduct another caucus for elect a vice chairperson.

If Hood is elected to the chairmanship, she would have to resign as vice chair.

Should Dixon-Tatum be elected to lead the party locally, Hood would have to resign from the vice chairwoman post because of the party rule.

Hood said this week the state will not accept two women serving as party leaders.

Dixon-Tatum said the decision by the state party was unfair and unreasonable.

"It would give the party more diversity to have a minority and two women serve in the leadership posts," she said.

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