The Democrats have nothing up their sleeves but grabbing power

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An accurate count is needed

I am concerned about the number of people experiencing homelessness in North Texas. Because of the pandemic and the winter storm, there’s reason to worry about an increase in this population.

This year, to get a count of these individuals in Dallas County, Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance is sending out a small number of professional outreach workers to survey over two weeks, rather than the hundreds of volunteers who usually do this in one night.

Spreading out such surveys could cause some individuals to fall through the cracks, as they could move from one area to another. North Texas should be providing personal protective equipment for volunteers and homeless people so that surveys can be completed accurately and safely and needs can be met.

- Jessica Johnston, Fort Worth

Democrats all about power play

Once upon a time, the Democratic Party was the party of the people. Now, for Democrats, it’s an ultimate power game. They want to control every facet of our lives, and they will do anything to gain power. We need to chain the beast before it takes over completely.

- Peter Stern, Driftwood

Working toward minority rule

We had four years of utter incompetence combined with an ideology determined to prove that government is ineffectual. It is heartening now to see an administration managing a national response to the pandemic, addressing the virus’ economic destruction, restoring sanity to our governance and instilling hope of better days.

But what do we do about the right-wing lies that continue to tear our country apart? Or the Republicans who work to usurp our democracy, knowing their policies are not popular enough to win elections?

Being opposed to majority rule is un-American — period.

- Charles Stonick, Granbury

Move the kids elsewhere

What is the difference between President Joe Biden keeping kids who cross the border illegally in overcrowded spaces and former President Donald Trump separating the kids and keeping them in overcrowded spaces? In both cases, the children get education, medical care and meals. Biden welcomes them to the U.S. while they remain in Texas, California and Florida. Shouldn’t these kids be sent to Washington, D.C., instead?

- Sue Mitchell, Fort Worth

Do you want to waste a year?

What’s the big deal with requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination? Our schools require proof of certain vaccinations. Colleges require more vaccinations. New parents ask family and friends to update their DPT vaccines so they can see the baby. Proof of certain vaccinations is required to visit particular countries.

Why would you want to get on a ship or plane unless you could be assured that fellow travelers had proof of COVID-19 vaccinations? We just spent a year in isolation, so proof of vaccination seems a reasonable request and a small price to pay for getting back to normal.

- Cecelia Gilbreath, Fort Worth

Distracted during Minneapolis trial

Racial biases and racism are again at the forefront of news as the trial of the police officer accused of murdering George Floyd continues. The media have tremendous influence on the perception of racism and culture. When we erase our past or try to rewrite the storyline, we are only dooming ourselves as a nation to repeat our transgressions. The livestream of the trial and other news focusing on race are preventing Americans of every race and ethnicity from seeing the real political issues.

- MacKenzie Renee McIntyre, Cibolo

Biden setting new lying standard

President Joe Biden has called the new Georgia voting law Jim Crow on steroids. Parts of Jim Crow were lynching, burning of homes and human torture. To say this new law is more severe is an outrageous lie. Biden said he would be transparent, then blocked press access to immigrant facilities. He said he would work with Republicans, then rammed through legislation without a single Republican vote. How many lies does it take to make one a liar?

- Randy Weeks, Roanoke

Biden is the very worst

Joe Biden is the worst president I’ve seen in my 91 years. Americans are the most docile human beings in the history of our nation. When will we citizens march to Washington to rain our displeasure on those who are supposed to be our leaders?

- Don Phillips, Fort Worth