Democrats 'pretty much there' on pending bill -Pelosi

Democrats have almost reached an agreement on a social spending bill.

That's according to U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who told CNN on Sunday lawmakers plan to vote on that and an infrastructure measure in the coming week.

Quote, "I think we're pretty much there now," Pelosi said in an interview with CNN's "State of the Union."

Democrats have struggled to agree on a pared-down spending bill of $2 trillion or less, which may accompany a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill and set the stage for passage of U.S. President Joe Biden's larger "Build Back Better" package.

Pelosi's comments come as Biden had breakfast Sunday morning in his Delaware home with Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, who has objected to parts of the bill and its original cost.

Democratic divisions threatened to derail Biden's agenda on social spending and climate change.

Progressive Democrats pushed for a larger $3.5 trillion package including provisions on prescription drugs, free community college, and carbon emissions.

But moderates, such as Manchin, and Arizona Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema, objected to many of those elements, including hiking taxes on corporations to pay for the measure.

It was unclear what climate change provisions would remain in the final bill. Manchin opposed a clean energy program that would create incentives for utilities who switched away from coal and natural gas, and penalties for those who didn't.

Pelosi said nevertheless the result would meet Biden's goals. She said, "I'm very confident about that, even though it will be different than what we originally proposed."