Democrats under scrutiny after Cuomo scandal

Senior Democrats are coming under increasing scrutiny in the wake of harrasment allegations against New York's Democratic governor Andrew Cuomo. (March 4)

Video Transcript

WILL WEISSERT: Many of New York's most powerful Democrats have come out and said that the allegations against Governor Cuomo are really horrible and that a full investigation should be conducted to make sure, you know, that there was wrongdoing.

Cuomo himself has said he has no intention of resigning. And he is not going to go anywhere. But that's an interesting contrast with the case of Senator Al Franken, who, in 2017, had several women come forward, accuse him of sexual misconduct, and eventually faced many, many of his Democratic colleagues in the Senate calling upon him to resign. And he eventually did resign.

The cases are different cases, of course. But they're interesting in that what we saw with Franken were members of his own party, led by a lot of female senators, calling on him to step down, has not happened in the case of Cuomo. And it's raising some interesting questions about what has changed.

Is the MeToo movement still as politically potent as it was in years past? Maybe the Democratic Party, you know, is a little bit more chastened, a little bit more hesitant to turn on one of its own. Even though, you know, everyone is sort of denouncing the allegations against Cuomo as horrible, and his accusers as brave for coming forward, they're not necessarily ready to have him step down. And if he doesn't step down, he won't go away. Because that would be losing a powerful voice in the party, for better or for worse.

- Governor, [? how are you doing, ?] sir?

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ANDREW CUOMO: Good to see you guys.