Demonstrations Held In Support Of Grieving Widow Who Received Racist Anti-Asian Letter

The outpouring of support continues for the Asian American widow living in Leisure World who was sent a racist, anti-Asian letter about her husband's death. Michele Gile reports.

Video Transcript

- A big show of support for an Asian-American woman in Leisure World, who received a hate filled letter, and now, a big reward offered to help find the person who sent that letter. KCAL 9 Orange County reporter Michele Gile has the details.

- No more hate!

- No more hate!

- No more hate!

- The outpouring of support continues for the Asian-American widow living in Leisure World in Seal Beach who was sent this hate filled letter the day she buried her husband, Byong Choi. The [? community's ?] corporation has now offered a $5,000 reward to help find the suspect.

NICK NICHOLAS: You know, it's hard to say where the suspect does actually reside. What is interesting is that the suspect knew of the victim's husband passing, and unless you were a member of this community, it might be difficult to know.

- No hate!

MICHELE GILE: People who live at Leisure World have pledged to hold these demonstrations all week long to drive the point home that racism and hate speech will not be tolerated here.

Leisure World's Korean-American Association held a rally today.

- We have come to support each other and to take the necessary steps for our voice to be heard.

- Hundreds gathered outside of the community library.

- During the pandemic, Asian-Americans have already been experiencing racist hostility and violence.

MICHELLE STEELE: Out of 4,000 incidents, it's been happening for almost a year. 44% happened in California.

- Claudia Choi's mother is the one who got the nasty racist letter, telling her to pack her bags and go back to your country.

CLAUDIA CHOI: Do I think they'll be caught? I'm not sure, but I hope they're watching. And I hope they're fearful, because we're doing everything we can to find them.

- In Seal Beach, Michele Gile, KCAL 9 News.