Demonstrators Bang on Glass of Arizona State Senate Building During Abortion Rights Protest

Pro-abortion rights protesters were seen banging on the glass of the Arizona State Senate building in Phoenix on June 24, before tear gas was used to disperse the demonstrators, CNN reported citing local officials.

Arizona State Senator, Michelle Ugenti-Rita, posted video from inside the State Senate, adjacent to the State Capitol building. Security can be heard asking senators to stay behind doors as members of the crowd bang on the glass entrances.

Arizona Department of Public Safety spokesperson, Bart Graves, told CNN that “troopers deployed tear gas after a crowd of protesters repeatedly pounded on the glass doors of the State Senate Building.”

Protests took place nationwide on Friday, after a Supreme Court ruling overturned the landmark 1973 Roe v Wade decision that legalized abortion. Credit: Michelle Ugenti-Rita via Storyful

Video Transcript