Demonstrators Gather Near Lima Airport as Anti-Government Protests Continue in Peru

People gathered near the Peruvian capital of Lima on Tuesday, January 31, amid ongoing political unrest in the country.

On Tuesday, the Peruvian National Police said on their official Twitter account that they had dispersed protesters who were approaching Jorge Chavez International Airport near the capital city, as protests sparked fear of new flight suspensions.

Footage captured by Gerardo Valderrama shows people gathered on Tomas Valle Avenue on Tuesday morning.

Valderrama told Storyful that he joined his friend and neighbors in the march, but were there to “protest peacefully.”

“My personal opinion, we do not support violent protests that lead to worse things, such as looting and robberies. This has already happened with these protests in different parts of the country. The government is bad, but it is not a way to protest,” he said.

Demonstrations erupted across Peru in December 2022 following the impeachment and arrest of former President Pedro Castillo after he attempted to dissolve congress due to corruption. Peru’s congress voted to impeach Castillo, and he was detained that day for “rebellion and conspiracy,” according to Peru’s Public Ministry.

Vice President Dina Boluarte was then sworn in as president. Protesters have taken to the streets to denounce Boluarte and demand Castillo be reinstated.

A 30-day state of emergency was put in place for multiple regions on January 14 in response to the ongoing protests. At least 58 people have been killed in the protests, according to reports. Credit: Gerardo Valderrama via Storyful