Demonstrators protest police violence against minorities at HPD

The protestors were outside of the police department, chanting the names of a few minorities recently killed by law enforcement.

Video Transcript

- It is time for these killings to stop.

- Ron Smith with Houston United front against fascism, one of several organizers for today's demonstration.

- What do you want?

- Justice.

- When do we want?

- Now.

- Outside of the Houston Police Department--

- The energy is powerful.

- They marched and chanted.

- The mattresses, they need to stop. They need to be trained every month, every police officer.

- Today they marched for many, George Floyd, Dante Wright. And Marcelo Garcia, the man killed by a Harris County deputy during a mental health crisis last week.

- It seems like departments not just here, but in the whole country would have learned from the mistakes, would have tried to be a little more careful about what they're doing and not be prone to-- like they should think before they act.

- We need to let them know that not only are we watching but we are doing. We are demanding that it stop.

- The goal they say is to be heard. A message from many voices.

- Hopefully, someone takes notice. It's not going to be 1 March, 1 protest, 1 anything is going to stop.