Denmark holds secret peace meeting on Ukraine

Zelenskyy met with the leaders of African countries
Zelenskyy met with the leaders of African countries
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Denmark held a peace conference on Ukraine in strict secrecy, German radio station Deutschlandfunk reported on June 26.

Diplomats from China, India, Brazil, South Africa, and several Western countries participated in the conference. The aforementioned countries previously maintained a neutral or reserved position regarding the Russian war against Ukraine, in contrast to the West.

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The conference, mediated by these nations, may pave the way for official peace talks as early as July.

According to media reports, Ukraine initiated these potential negotiations.

On June 16, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa and other African leaders, including those from Senegal, Zambia, Comoros Islands, the Republic of Congo, Egypt, and Uganda, visited Kyiv on a "peace mission."

During their visit, Russia launched a missile attack on Kyiv. However, the delegation did not condemn the attack, and Ramaphosa’s spokesman claimed not to have heard any explosions.

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The following day, the delegation traveled to St. Petersburg to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin. Ramaphosa urged him to end the war against Ukraine and return to the negotiation table, but he received only more Russian propaganda and falsehoods in response.

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