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Denver Church Leans On Faith & Hope After Fire Destroys Building

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Just as soon as the congregation at the Odom Memorial Church was able to back into their church for resurrection Sunday after COVID-19 restrictions, their church was taken away.

Video Transcript

- A Denver church is picking up the pieces after a fire destroyed part of their building last week. The congregation is still worshipping together. Mekialaya White talked with the pastor about how they're doing it.

MEKIALAYA WHITE: On Thursday morning the Odum Memorial Church Congregation was devastated.

- My brother called. It must have been about 6:30 in the morning and he says, the church is on fire.

MEKIALAYA WHITE: That electrical fire ripped through their building, destroying the attic. Pastor AJ McDonald says he actually got his first look at the fire on TV.

- I turn on the news and there it is and I'm looking. I'm like, that's our church. And the helicopter has the view of the top of the church, the roof of the church, and there's just flames billowing out. And so I'm frozen.

MEKIALAYA WHITE: Just as soon as the congregation was able to go back into their church for Resurrection Sunday after COVID restrictions, their church was taken back away. But not for long. This Sunday, the McDonalds decided they were still having church.

- One thing this pandemic has taught us is how to be flexible and how to embrace modern technology and online platforms. And so for a year we've been doing Zoom services and so we've become accustomed to just waking up in the morning, wash your face, brush your teeth, get a cup of coffee or juice or whatever it is, and sit before your computer or laptop or phone, and have service.

MEKIALAYA WHITE: This group staying strong and resilient.

- It's kind of like, OK, this has happened so now how do we regroup. How do we rebound from this.

MEKIALAYA WHITE: And hoping to be an inspiration to others.

- People always ask us, how are you-- how do you all go through such turmoil that you've gone through but have this look like you're just fine. We realize where our help comes and our help truly comes from the Lord.

MEKIALAYA WHITE: In Denver, Mekialaya White, covering Colorado First.