Denver gunman who killed five wrote book described as an ‘800-page Alt-Right rant’

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The shooter who killed five people and injured others in a rampage in Denver, Colorado, was known to authorities and had written books about murdering residents of the city, reports suggest.

Lyndon James McLeod, an alleged author and former Denver tattoo business owner, was identified by authorities on Tuesday as the shooter who was shot dead by police.

Paul Pazen, the head of Denver Police Department, said McLeod was known to almost all of his victims and had been on his department’s radar before Monday’s shootings.

His victims were reportedly targeted based on historic personal and businesses dealings, authorities said, and included people at tattoo parlous in the Denver metro area.

McLeod, who Mr Pazen acknowledged had been investigated in both 2020 and 2021, was also identified on Tuesday as the former owner of a Denver tattoo business, Flat Black Ink Corp.

He reportedly published three books through the business and registered it as delinquent in 2021.

The current owner of a tattoo business at that 6th Avenue address refused to answer when asked about McLeod on Tuesday by reporters for The Associated Press.

Three books allegedly authored by McLeod under a pseudonym were described as “an epic, visceral journey into the dark heart of every man broken by society,” and an “800-page Alt-Right rant”, according to the Denver Post .

Another reviewer allegedly wrote: “It’s important to note, as another one-star reviewer did, that this book presents characters who give full vent to their sexism, racism, and every other -ism kept out of mainstream discourse.”

The report also detailed scenes from a book published in 2018 that described a shooting at the south side of Cheesman Park – not far from one of the shootings on Monday – and was carried out by a character named “Lyndon MacLeod” who wore a police uniform.

The Denver Post reported that McLeod was seen wearing tactical gear on Monday. The books themselves no longer appear on the website GoodReads.

Among those killed were Danny Schofield, 38, at Lucky 13 tattoo shop, and Alicia Cardenas, 44, the owner of the Sol Tribe tattoo shop. An investigation is continuing.

Additional reporting by The Associated Press.

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