Denver International Airport Official Says Expect Deicing & Delays For Any Flights This Afternoon

With snow accumulating any flights that have not been cancelled can expect to be deiced before take off and a little bit of a delay due to conditions.

Video Transcript

- Right now, though, we are joined by Emily Williams with Denver International Airport. She's joining us live via Zoom. Good afternoon to you, Emily. We talked to you earlier this morning. Tell us a little bit about conditions at the airport because we know visibility is low in some spots. And there's lots of snow and rain. How is that impacting airport conditions and also cancelations, delays, things of that nature?

EMILY WILLIAMS: Hi, Kelly. Yeah, we did just start to see severe snow start to fall at the airport. And our visibility levels have dropped pretty recently. That means that for folks that are flying out this afternoon, you can definitely expect your airline to be de-icing. And also, it might take a little bit longer for you to get off the runway.

However, most airlines have canceled their flights for this afternoon and this evening. So if you do have a scheduled flight later today, make sure you confirm your flight status with your airline directly.

- We just spoke with Justin Adams. He's live at DIA for us this morning. He was actually inside the airport. And what was interesting, Emily, is earlier this morning, we saw, actually, quite a few people in the security lines. It almost looked like holiday travel because there was a lot of people there trying to get, I think, on those flights that could get out this morning before the storm really sunk in.

And now there's virtually nobody there. What is something that folks need to keep in mind, though, I mean, if they're hopeful that their flights will still get out? Is this something that the airport's going to keep an eye on too or just airlines?

EMILY WILLIAMS: Sure. I mean, the airport's certainly keeping an eye on it. And we will get flights out as long as we can, as long as conditions are safe to do so. So we work really closely with our airline partners and the FAA to make sure that those conditions are safe for takeoffs and landings.

What we have seen, though, is the majority of the flights for the rest of the afternoon have been canceled. So if you have a schedule flight between now and maybe 6 or 7 o'clock, I think chances are good that you'll be able to get out. If your flight is a little bit later, they recommend checking in with your airline and seeing if there are some options for you to reschedule.

- Emily, can you talk a little bit about the equipment that DIA uses to keep those runways clear? Because we're going to get a lot of this heavy snow. It could pile up pretty high. And I actually learned something new this week. I didn't realize that DIA had more runways than most other airports. But you guys work really hard and can clear those runways in just a few minutes.

EMILY WILLIAMS: Yeah, that's correct. Kelly, we have a fantastic snow removal team at the airport. They are internationally ranked and actually can clear runway in about 15 minutes. It's a super fast time. They use a series of equipment, different types of equipment, plows, melters, blowers to make sure that they are treating the snow effectively. And they will deploy that equipment as soon as we start to see accumulation today.

- Wonderful. Emily, thank you so much for joining us. I hope you stay safe and stay warm during this weekend's storm. And we appreciate your time as always.