Denver Parks & Recreation Warns Of More Tree Damage With Back-To-Back Winter Storms

As Denver and the Front Range expect another round of snow Monday afternoon into Tuesday morning, Denver Parks and Recreation is reminding residents that trees may be prone to more damage after Friday's storm.

Video Transcript

KELLY WRTHMANN: The city and county of Denver is asking residents to be proactive about more snow on the way and possibly prevent more tree damage. That's one of today's top stories here on CBSN Denver. Last week, some branches and trees gave way after a heavy snowfall. And with more heavy snow, wet snow, coming, make sure to check your trees, that they're safe and clear of all utility lines before removing the snow. Do not try to shake it off before checking.

If you are in the clear then, use a broom to take as much snow off as you can from those branches, or just give them a gentle shake. If a branch or tree does fall, you can report it by calling 311. Property owners are responsible for pruning and cleaning up debris on private property.