Denver Police: Cedric Vick Was Shot And Killed After Carjacking, Chase And Crash

Investigators say the man who shot and killed by officers in Denver on Friday had fired shots at a woman with a toddler, stolen her car, and led police on a chase through Denver and Lakewood. Police say 22-year-old Cedric Vick fired a gun at officers during the chase, before crashing near West 1st Avenue and North Perry Street. Investigators say Vick refused to get out of the car and fired two more shots at officers.

Video Transcript

- And new information right now about what caused police to shoot and kill a carjacker in Denver. The shooting was Friday evening at 1st and Berry. Police now say Cedric Vick stole a car from a woman who had to struggle to free her toddler from a seat before he sped off. Police say he eventually crashed that car during a chase and then pointed and fired a gun at the officers. Nine officers returned fire.

MATT CLARK: Fortunately, no injuries were sustained by any of the victims, including the young child in the vehicle or any of the officers that were involved in this incident. The officers who discharged their weapons were equipped with body-worn cameras. And all of them were activated.

- Those officers involved are now on paid leave while the department investigates.