Denver Restaurant Elated To Open Again After Year Of Struggle

A Larimer Square staple, Tamayo, is excited to offer its multi--course during Denver Restaurant Week.

Video Transcript

- The first ever Spring Restaurant Week in Denver wraps up tomorrow. Visit Denver organized this effort to support the culinary scene. Jim Benemann shows us many of Denver's longtime favorites, very excited to welcome diners back.

- So right now we're going to make the pork belly tacos.

- JIM BENEMANN: Modern Mexican cuisine is on the Restaurant Week menu at Tamayo.

- It is a traditional taco, is more like a tacos al pastor.

- JIM BENEMANN: This Larimer Square staple is excited to offer its multi-course meal for $35.

ALDO PEREZ: Right now I cannot tell you how incredible it feels to be back in business, little by little--

- JIM BENEMANN: Aldo Perez is service manager at the restaurant and has a 17 year history with Tamayo.

ALDO PEREZ: I start from the bottom. I started bussing tables and then move on.

- JIM BENEMANN: He's never seen anything like this pandemic.

ALDO PEREZ: We had to close for two months


- JIM BENEMANN: Now the kitchen is back in full swing, dishing up great meals that so many Denverites have come to love.

ALDO PEREZ: I cannot tell you how many people keep coming back because years ago they came back and tried their Restaurant Week menu, and they asked for things that we had three, four, five years ago.

- JIM BENEMANN: Tamayo is ready for the final restrictions to be lifted and to get back to business as usual. I'm Jim Benemann, covering Colorado First.

- Denver Restaurant Week runs through tomorrow. We have a link to the menus on our website