Denver's Group Living Amendment Now Applies To All Areas Of The City

A controversial amendment to the city's group living rules will now apply to the entire city of Denver, not just the areas of the city under new zoning codes.

Video Transcript

JIM BENEMANN: A controversial group living amendment will now apply to the entire city of Denver.

KAREN LEIGH: That's after a city council vote last night. CBS 4's Katie Weiss breaks down what that vote means.

KATI WEIS: Denver's new group living rules that were passed back in February were controversial for a few reasons. One of them was because the rules wouldn't apply to all of the city's neighborhoods. Now city council has changed that.

In this map, the areas in orange are under Denver's old zoning code. Previously, these areas were not affected by the group living rule changes, which allows five unrelated adults to live together and allows halfway houses to be in commercial and mixed use neighborhoods, among other changes. Mayor Michael Hancock and some city council representatives live in the old zoning code areas. Monday night, City Council voted unanimously to subject all old zoning code areas to the new group living rules.

CHRIS HINDS: So I think that certainly those who support group living support this vote tonight. Many of those who opposed group living also support this vote tonight, because they want to make sure that it affects the entire city and not just certain portions of the city.

KATI WEIS: Now to read the full group living amendment and see our full coverage on this issue over the last year, just head to our website,

I'm Kati Weis, covering Colorado first.