Dept. of Justice to review merger between Six Flags, Carowinds parent company

WASHINGTON, D.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — The U.S. justice department is requesting additional information and documents from the recent merger of two theme park companies.

Six Flags Entertainment and Cedar Fair announced their merger in November. The Ohio-based Cedar Fair is the parent company for Charlotte’s Carowinds.

“They want to see the plan, internal docs, how will you plan on not stifling competition,” explained QCN Chief Legal Analyst Khalif Rhodes.

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This is the second request from the Department of Justice about this deal. And it comes at a time when deals in the U.S. are facing anti-trust scrutiny from regulators.

Rhodes said that the anti-trust departments within the DOJ are tasked with “insuring commerce flows.” The newly formed company will own 27 amusement parks, 15 water parks, and nine resorts across North America.

“If they have (all these) parks, nine-plus resorts, will that stop other businesses from jumping into this?” Rhodes asked

Both companies said they are aiming to comply with the DOJ requests on or before May 2.

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