Deputies search for man accused of killing mother-in-law

Gregorio Gaytan, 32, had been on the loose since Thursday night but HCSO's SWAT team were able to locate him this evening. Here's what happened.

Video Transcript

- Getting with this breaking news which we have been following all morning long. That family tragedy turned into an all out manhunt now in Cypress. Video, new photo, here of the man deputies say killed his mother-in-law as she tried to get her daughter out of the house.

The shooting happened in North of Houston, area Cypress. ABC 13 reporter TJ Parker has been tracking the developments since early this morning. TJ, you got to look at some surveillance video. Is that right?

TJ PARKER: Yeah, we did. And Art, is such a tragic chain of events. The mother-in-law who was killed, her car that she pulled up in last night, still out front of this home.

She was killed in the driveway of this home late last night. And neighbors we talked with say they had no idea the family had issues that would ultimately come to this. A son-in-law on the run. Deputies say 32-year-old Gregorio Gayton shot and killed his mother-in-law in the driveway of their Cypress home.

PETE DE LA CRUZ: Obviously, something snapped.

TJ PARKER: Surveillance video from a neighbor just after 8:30 last night shows the moments the mother-in-law pulled up to the home, just before deputies say she was shot several times. She came over after getting a call from her daughter, Gayton's wife, who told her she and her two young kids were being held at gunpoint. When she got there, that's when she was shot. Gayton then took off. The wife and kids were able to escape through a back door.

SERGIO GONZALEZ: My son told me that he heard the lady screaming at the kids, "Come on. Get in the car. Get in the car.", real loud.

TJ PARKER: Sergio Gonzalez was watching TV across the street when it happened.

SERGIO GONZALEZ: I thought it was a movie, you know, when the shots came on. And-- they said, no it was just too loud. That couldn't be the movies.

TJ PARKER: He called 911.

SERGIO GONZALEZ: I went over to the lady and asked if she was OK. And she told me to go back into my house like three times. She was crying, she was panicking.

PETE DE LA CRUZ: I just didn't expect from him.

TJ PARKER: Pete de La Cruz lives next door and thought he knew the family well.

PETE DE LA CRUZ: I didn't ever expect that from him, you know? I mean, like I said, you know, he seemed-- they seemed like a normal family.

TJ PARKER: All right. So in the last two hours, deputies released this photo. He is 5'8" and weighs 200 pounds. He was last seen wearing a Dallas Cowboys shirt and shorts again. He is considered armed and dangerous.

He is facing a capital murder charge. So if you know where he is or you see him, you are asked to call 911 immediately. We're live in Cypress this morning. I'm TJ Parker, ABC 13 Eyewitness News.