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Deputy caught on video pulling gun on man in traffic

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The driver said it all started when he and his work partner got caught in the middle of a funeral procession.

Video Transcript

- But you're [MUTE] playing me. [INAUDIBLE] [MUTE] playing me again, I'll [MUTE] kill you.


- Yes, you did.

- He's trained to handle himself as well as other people on the street. So you'd think his training would help him to not have that road rage.


- George Dickerson and his work partner merged from 59 to the South Loop around 1:40 Monday afternoon, headed to their next job. And intercepted a funeral procession. Dickerson says the line of cars was in the inside lane, and two motorcycle police officers were in the next lane. He says he got in the lane the officers were in, trying to get around the person in front of him.

GEORGE DICKERSON: I just wanted to go around that car. The cop that was in front slowed down, so I couldn't go around. And then the other one came around, and I was like, "What? What's going on?" And he's like, "Stop."

- Before he could stop, Dickerson says the motorcycle officer in front of him slammed on their breaks, so he did the same.

GEORGE DICKERSON: And the other guy, he had told me to stop, he had backed up and gotten behind me again. And I guess he was pretty close. And he had to dead stop as well.

- Next thing he knew, Dickerson says the deputy behind him parked in front of his work truck on the South Loop.

GEORGE DICKERSON: He gets off his bike with his gun drawn and comes at me. And as soon as I see his gun drawn, I put my hands up in the air. What are they doing out there if they're pointing guns at regular citizens?

- The Sheriff's office posted this tweet Monday evening, saying they are aware of the video and an investigation is taking place. They told me the deputy involved has been placed on administrative duty while it plays out.

- And Dickerson told me that he does not want-- he's glad that he has this on video, and wonders how often this happens and there's no proof of it. The Harris County Sheriff's Office is asking anyone with information about what happened on the South Loop near Braeswood yesterday afternoon to contact their internal affairs division. Dickerson told me that he has not heard from the Sheriff's office.