Deputy and girlfriend arrested on drug, money laundering charges

The indictment alleges Alexsander Reyes laundered what was believed to be $350,000 in drug proceeds over a four-month span of time.

Video Transcript

- A Harris County Precinct-1 council deputy of five years, 47-year-old Alexsander Reyes is now a suspected drug-dealing criminal sitting in jail, facing a number of federal charges, accused of conspiring with his girlfriend to sell cocaine and money laundering. Tonight, Reyes' girlfriend, 44-year-old Priscilla Cervantes is also jailed. According to prosecutors, over four months, Reyes laundered $350,000 of what he believed was drug money. All the while, he was working as a deputy patrolling the streets.

TONY LEAL: It's not a good look at all.

- On Zoom is former Chief of Texas Rangers Tony Leal.

TONY LEAL: And when you talk about that amount of time and that amount of money and with the drug-- the money laundering aspect of the offense, there-- there's a good chance it could be related, in some way, to abuse of office, some information that he had, some way of being able conceal things, people that he was in contact with.

- At this point, neither prosecutors nor the Precinct-1 Constable's Office have not said whether or not Reyes used his power and resources as a deputy to commit illegal acts. But today Precinct-1 Constable Alan Rosen says Reyes is now fired. And a statement released by his office it says, "our community expects us to hold ourselves accountable. I want the community to know we took proactive steps to investigate this case with the FBI. Our community asks us to uphold the law and hold ourselves to the same standard as everyone else."

Reyes and Cervantes will both make first appearances in federal court tomorrow. There, a judge will decide whether or not they will be given a bond. I'm Stefania Okolie, ABC 13 Eyewitness News