Deputy under investigation after video shows him punching teen

In the video, the deputy is heard saying, "Don't run from me boy, I will beat your (expletive) right here."

Video Transcript

MIYA SHAY: The teenager's mother is very disturbed by what took place. And let me show you. It actually happened at the gas station right behind me. The kids were getting the gas right there. The deputy actually walked out of the convenience store, confronted the teens, and it was all caught on GoPro video. You may find it disturbing.

It started out like any other ATV ride. Last Friday, 16-year-old Carlos and two friends cruising around the neighborhood then pulled into a gas station to fuel up. But that's when a Harris County Sheriff's deputy walked out of the gas station and made a beeline for Carlos.

- Give me your ID.

MIYA SHAY: After glancing at his ID, the deputy told Carlos to put his hands behind his back. And then this.

- Don't run from me, boy. I will beat your-- --right here. Turn around and put your hands behind your back before I beat the-- --out of you. Don't be-- --stupid. What did I tell you?

MIYA SHAY: Carlos, a high school sophomore, was held for just a few hours and apparently charged with evading arrest.

- And he said don't run or I'm gonna knock you out, like he said in the video. And he punched me right here in my ears, this area.

MIYA SHAY: Thinking back, Carlos says the deputy may have tried to pull them over once before for riding their ATVs in the neighborhood streets. But on that Friday, they had no idea why the deputy singled them out.

- Hey, what happened?

- Hey, let's dip. Let's dip.

- What happened?

MIYA SHAY: After this video was shared on social media, the Harris County Sheriff's Office began an internal affairs investigation and put the deputy on desk duty. Carlos and his parents are still trying to make sense of it all.

- I just don't think I should have been treated in that manner for riding on street. A lot of 16-year-olds get an ATV and want to have fun with their friends.

MIYA SHAY: Yeah, Carlos says he knows that the ATV in question, not straight legal, because there's no blinkers or license plate. They just didn't think that would amount to what you just saw on video, m the Sheriff's department is investigating. The whole video runs about 10 minutes long. It will be on our ABC13 streaming apps so you can watch it for yourselves. For now, we're live in Northeast Harris County. Miya Shay "ABC13 Eyewitness News."