Derek Carr still hasn’t learned not to fumble into the end zone

Michael David Smith

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr made a big mistake today in Green Bay, and it’s a mistake he’s made before.

Carr ran toward the corner of the end zone and appeared poised to score a rushing touchdown. But as he was hit at the 1-yard line he reached the ball out and fumbled through the end zone for a touchback.

It was an identical mistake to one he made two years ago, when his fumble through the end zone with 31 seconds left sealed a 20-17 Raiders loss to the Cowboys.

The Raiders can only hope this mistake won’t prove as costly as that one, but it easily could: The Raiders are trailing 14-10. If Carr had just held onto the ball, they would have been in great shape to score a touchdown on the next play and take a 17-14 lead.