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Will Derrick Henry run wild vs. Kansas City?

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Yahoo Sports' Scott Pianowski and Frank Schwab discuss this week's matchup between the Chiefs and Titans.

Video Transcript

- The Chiefs go to Tennessee for this week's game. Kansas City is a 4 and 1/2 point favorite. The total, a very juicy 56 and 1/2. Derrick Henry as we speak, man. Don't you wish you had Derrick Henry everywhere? It's just unfair. This guy, it feels like he starts every week with 100 yards and two touchdowns. And then he can move upward from there.

You going to lay the wood with the favorite on the road? Or do you think the Titans can pull a rabbit out of their hat two straight weeks?

- Basically Derrick Henry just breaks every single rule. We try to sit here and analyze this thing and say, for fantasy anyway, Derrick Henry doesn't catch passes. He can't be a number one running back. Or Derrick Henry's had this workload for so many years. He's going to break down or whatever. It just, normal rules don't apply to this guy.

There was one of these kind of dumb Twitter questions, like who's basically your favorite running back since Barry Sanders retired? My answer is Derrick Henry and it stays Derrick Henry because this dude at 247 pounds can run like Jamaal Charles.

When he hit 21.8 miles an hour on that touchdown run, he just outran the Buffalo secondary. It was like, this shouldn't be real. Like, this really is a video game, like somebody created this guy in Madden. He's unbelievable.

And I'm going to go on him. I'm going to go on the Titans. I kind of fall back to, I'll take the Chiefs if they're playing a bad team like Washington last week. If they're playing a good team-- I don't know if Tennessee's great by any means. And I don't even know if they're good. But they're capable at least. I just got to take the points because this whole the Chiefs can't cover spreads is in the back of my mind.

And I think Mahomes was pressing a little bit. I've cited you many, many, times talking about the Chiefs in recent weeks of just your concern about their narrow tree. And it's even narrower. I mean, Darrel Williams scored a couple of touchdowns, but he was bad. I mean, 62 yards on 21 carries. It wasn't like he was making any plays.

Tyreek looks a little banged up. He didn't really have his game-breaking play that he usually has. I just think that-- I don't know-- this Chiefs team doesn't impress me, really, yet. I know they're good, but they're not great. I'll take the Titans on the points. And I don't even know that it's out of the question that they could win this game straight up.

- It was encouraging to see Tennessee get a form of their offense that they wanted. AJ Brown was sick in that game Monday, did nothing in the first half but was very efficient in the second half. At least, Julio was on the field. We still know Tannehill is, I still think, a plus quarterback. The one thing I worry about is just the hangover effect from playing on Monday night, the emotional win over Buffalo, a very physical game too.

But I can only lean Titans here. I don't think the Chiefs fixed anything on defense last week. I think just Washington played so poorly that that's why Kansas City looked good in the defensive metrics. But I give that all to WFT.

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