Derrick Henry says he feels like he could keep running

Darin Gantt

The Pro Bowl is a low-impact game, which Derrick Henry deserves after the physical pounding of his season.

Even if the Titans running back hadn’t led the league in rushing yards (1,540) and attempts (303), the way he ran lends itself to soreness. Henry told Jim Wyatt of the Titans’ official website that his Pro Bowl teammates keep asking him the same question this week.

They ask me how my body feels,” Henry said. “They’re complimenting me on the season I had, the season the team had, but they also kid me about how much I carried the ball this year. They say, ‘Man, you must be beat up. How’s your body? You sure got the ball a lot.’

“I tell them I feel fine, I feel good. I wish I was still going actually.”

Even with the pounding, it seems reasonable to think Henry could have coaxed one more game, and coming up a step short lends motivation. There’s still the small matter of his pending free agency, but he has said throughout the year he hopes to return.

“In a perfect world, I wish everybody could come back, and we could make another run at it and end on the right note,” he said. “I am definitely hungry, not only to get better myself, but to win a Super Bowl.

“My goal every year is I always want to be better than the year before. So that’s what I’ll be striving for heading into next season. I want to do everything I can do to help the team win a Super Bowl.”

Even if that means another heavy workload.