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Derrick Henry using social media to recap plays

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Matt Harmon sat down with Derrick Henry thanks to Old Spice, to dicuss this past season with the Tennesse Titans, how he uses social media.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: I'm so excited now to be joined by Titans star running back Derrick Henry. Derrick, I know we got to address a lot of stuff right now. We've got to address, obviously, your sponsor. You're here on behalf of Old Spice. But, first, tell me about the throne, man. This is a hell of a flex to come on the show and just immediately be doing this from a throne, man.

DERRICK HENRY: Oh yeah, definitely. Old Spice hooked it up for me today. It got here about three days ago. It's very comfortable.

MATT HARMON: When you see a guy in the open field like Josh Norman this year-- and we don't have to call any other defensive players out. But when you see a guy coming towards you in the open field, when do you start to go in your mind like, listen, I'm gonna drop this guy, and that's what's about to happen?

DERRICK HENRY: Yeah, it's really because really I'm in the open field with DBs. And usually, because I'm a tall guy and I have long legs, they try to go low. When they stay high, I'm just like, oh, this guy really trying to come up and check me. So that's when usually the stiff-arm happens, and then the memes come and it's all over the internet and all that type of good stuff.

MATT HARMON: Do you ever, after the game, pop up the phone and go look at the memes yourself and be like, I did that, that was me?

DERRICK HENRY: My phone is so crazy after the game, especially if I do a stiff-arm. And everybody goes crazy about it. My phone goes crazy. It's all over the place, and it takes me like three days to reply to everybody.

MATT HARMON: Do you have one, whether it was the Josh Norman one-- or there was one against the Lions this year. There's, obviously, been plenty. One of those really posterized moments. Do you have one that was kind of your favorite to go back and revisit?

DERRICK HENRY: I don't have a favorite yet. Somebody asked me that question a while ago. I think I said when I'm done playing-- because I still want to do a lot more. When I'm done playing and finished with football, I can look back and choose my top 10 or top five that I really like.

MATT HARMON: Who do you think is the next guy that's kind of on that breakout path? When you look across the entire league-- or maybe it's an incoming prospect-- who do you think is the next great running back that maybe isn't gonna take that throne from King Derrick Henry but is gonna give you a run for your money?

DERRICK HENRY: You know who snuck up at the end and ended the season strong was Jonathan Taylor, which is a division rival. But I loved his game in college. By the way he ran, I knew when he came in the league that he would be a dominant force. And he definitely finished his season off strong. And I think he's gonna have a great career and be one of those guys in the league that be one of the top players at the running back position.

MATT HARMON: The throne fit for the King, as you're known on the Twitter streets. But, yeah, tell me a little bit about what you're doing with Old Spice, what you got going on there.

DERRICK HENRY: Oh yeah. You know it's been a tough year for everybody, and everyone needs that spark of confidence, like getting through your day with Old Spice Dynasty cologne-quality scent deodorant to smell ready for anything. And Old Spice has a great scent, and it's available everywhere. You can get it at Kroger.

MATT HARMON: All right, Derrick, well that's all we got for you, man. Really appreciate you spending some time with me.

DERRICK HENRY: All right, thank you for having me.