Des Plaines car delivery driver beaten, cars stole by group of men: police

Des Plaines police said a luxury car delivery driver was badly beaten by a group of four thieves, who then stole three cars, and it was all caught on video.

Video Transcript

ROB ELGAS: It's quick, and it's violent. A luxury vehicle delivery driver beaten and tossed to the ground. Des Plaines police saying a team of thieves were part of this heist early this morning. Watch as the driver limps away, eventually pleading for his life as the thieves steal three cars. Police calling this a vehicle hijacking, a concerning and growing trend in the Chicago area.

ADAM JIDD: I never thought even that's gonna happen to me. We watched in the news. And guess what? It's happened here.

ROB ELGAS: Dealership owner Adam Jidd isn't concerned about the cars. It's the driver who was so callously beaten.

ADAM JIDD: Cars, they can come and goes. But it's very hard as a human being to see him. He was limping and going and trying to survive and trying to ask for his life.

ROB ELGAS: Two crimes within an hour. Police say the man hitting two Jidd Motors locations on Rand Road, first breaking into the dealership, stealing laptops and office supplies and moving into a huge warehouse. And they were not finished. At this service center, the men see the truck delivery around 1:00 AM. It's here they violently attack the driver, stealing two BMWs in an Alfa Romeo, leaving the driver badly injured.

ADAM JIDD: They're really quick, professional. They're all maxed up. You know? They have the gloves on them. They know what they're doing.

ROB ELGAS: Owner Adam Jidd says the driver has undergone two surgeries-- his leg is broken-- and that armed security will now be at both locations here as Des Plaines police look for those masked men.