DeSantis signs law clearing his path to run for president while governor

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) cleared his own path to keep his current position while running for president, signing a bill that will allow him to remain as governor while being a presidential candidate.

DeSantis announced in a release on Wednesday that he signed 20 bills, including one that will create an exception to a state election law that has required official candidates for federal office to resign from their positions if the terms of the two posts would overlap were the candidate o win their race. The bill that DeSantis signed will exempt candidates for president or vice president from the resign-to-run law.

The governor signed the bill just ahead of his formal announcement that he is running for the Republican nomination for president in 2024. He filed paperwork to enter the race earlier on Wednesday.

The legislation passed along party lines in the state House and Senate last month.

Supporters of the bill and DeSantis have argued that it is only a clarification, while Democrats in the state legislature have accused Republicans of specifically designing the bill to allow DeSantis to run for president and remain governor.

The law will also place additional restrictions on mail-in ballots and shift the responsibility for determining voter eligibility to the individual instead of the state.

DeSantis’s entry into the Republican race for president has been highly anticipated for months, as he has consistently placed in second in most polls among current and potential GOP candidates.

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