Desi Lydic Demands To Know Why Marjorie Taylor Greene Isn't On Jan. 6 Panel

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Desi Lydic parodied a Fox News host trying to explain the Jan. 6 hearings ― and she asked a heckuva question about the House select committee investigating President Donald Trump and his insurrection-abetting cronies. (Watch the video below.)

“Everyone on this Sham-uary 6 sham-mittee is anti-Trump,” the “Daily Show” correspondent griped in a comedy clip posted Monday. “Where are the pro-Trump Jan. 6 people? Lauren Boebert. Marjorie Taylor Greene. The QAnon shaman. What does he have to do to get on the committee? Storm the Capitol again?”

“Why does the committee only want to know what Trump did on Jan. 6?” she continued. “What about what he did on Feb. 6? Or April 10? There’s so many days.”

Fox News, unlike other major news networks, has mostly avoided airing the hearings live. But its hosts nevertheless had plenty of opinions about the House panel’s probe, as you can see from the clips Lydic chose.

However, some Fox News personalities like Martha MacCallum and Bret Baier have actually voiced support for committee findings.

Lydic was recently nominated for an Emmy for her “Foxsplains” comedy.

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