Designer Junko Shimada talks about style, identity and loving life ahead of Paris Fashion Week show (OK Nicole)

Junko Shimada presents her Autumn/Winter 2016 collection March 8 at Paris Fashion Week.
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With Paris Fashion Week running March 1-9, Relaxnews caught up with Junko Shimada whose Autumn/Winter 2016 collection previews at 3.30pm on Tuesday, March 8. The designer outlined what to expect from this new ready-to-wear line-up, from inspirations and iconic pieces to upcoming trends.

What inspired this new collection?
The bittersweet melancholy of Truffaut's "Jules et Jim." It is more sensory and sensual, less intellectual than Godard. Much more spontaneous too. There's a relationship that's innocent, natural, sometimes even clumsy between the subject and the camera. The Winter season also often makes me think of very British colors and fabrics. Here, it's the contrasting of Scottish and Irish folklores that are represented and, as ever, a love for beautiful things.

What are the collection's three key pieces?
Jackets in bouclé jersey fabric, the long, double-sided cashmere coat, and a biker jacket with a pair of tartan trousers. And then there's also the usual knitwear and prints!

Which famous person would best embody these looks?
Jeanne Moreau, Monica Vitti, Julie Andrews, Tilda Swinton, Emma Watson - all fresh and intelligent. There's Scarlett Johansson, who can be sweet and incandescent. There's also Jennifer Lawrence, for her spontaneity and her resemblance to Monica Vitti, who is my inspiration for this collection. These actresses all have a certain untamed and charismatic side. They can play all kinds of women while maintaining their identity. It's very important to keep your own identity without shutting yourself away behind your convictions.

What's your view of fashion today?
Every year we get asked this question and every year I don't know how to answer it. To be honest, I love fashion, but I don't like the idea of being a fashion victim. Clothes arrive for one season, but can be worn whenever you like. Inspirations come, go and return. I like it to be a game, not a religion. I have always talked more about style, because it's linked to a lifestyle. Everyone has their own identity, their own fashion. The idea is more about loving life and loving the person you are in the clothes you're wearing. And if that's in Shimada, all the better.

Social media presence is crucial for designers and labels today. Has this direct contact with the public changed the way you work?
I'd struggle to answer yes to that question, but I will say that I've put a lot of effort into my new website and I'm starting to take an interest in social networks. I like the idea of being in direct contact with people and of messages getting delivered without being over-interpreted. But from that to changing the way I work, you're probably going to have to wait another decade. Ultimately, I like being connected while maintaining a certain distance from this thirst for the immediate, for instant reactions. There are already so many high points working in the industry.

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