A desperate search for TN flood victims

Kenny Rochelle, a McEwen resident: “I just can't lay in a bed when those people losing family. I just can't do it.”

Local Tennessee residents and rescue crews searched for the dozens feared missing on Monday after record rains and flash flooding ravaged parts of Tennessee over the weekend.

The floods swept away homes and buildings, leaving at least 21 dead.

Humphreys County Emergency Management Agency said rescuers were searching through houses, rubble and debris for 40 people still missing in the area, directly west of Nashville.

Record rainfall of up to 17 inches drenched some areas, sparking massive flooding on Saturday. Especially hard hit was this Humphreys County town of Waverly, where hundreds of homes were left uninhabitable.

Waverly Mayor Wallace Frazier told the Tennessean newspaper that those killed in the flooding ranged in age from babies to the elderly.

Local McEwen resident Kenny Rochelle sprung into action early Monday morning to help. "My son got information that his boss and his wife and eight-year-old son was possibly getting swept away. So we jump in the car and run down toward their house. And luckily, a guy come with a flat bottom boat. Me and my son get in with him and they got him all out the road. 10 more minutes they probably wouldn't have made it."

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee on Sunday acknowledged a quote “tremendous loss of life.”

President Joe Biden has said the federal government stood ready to quote "offer any assistance they need for this terrible moment."

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