‘It’s despicable;’ Trotwood mayor, police chief speak out after Greyhound riders stranded in cold

Trotwood’s mayor and police chief are speaking out after they say Greyhound bus riders were left stranded in freezing cold temperatures on Christmas.

Trotwood Police Chief Erik Wilson told News Center 7′s Xavier Hershovitz that his department was called out to the city’s Greyhound station on Christmas night. He said 12 people had been left outside for about an hour and a half after their bus was cancelled and the the station was closed.

“They were told ‘Your busses have been cancelled and good luck,’” Wilson said.

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None of the people were from the Miami Valley.

“That’s unacceptable anywhere, I mean where’s the human decency here? I’m not the morality police, but this was upsetting,” Wilson said.

Officers thought quick and brought all 12 people back to their office.

“I credit my team for thinking fast on their feet and they opened up our home essentially and gave these folks shelter,” Wilson told News Center 7.

Those stranded slept in the department’s lobby and conference room. Officers took them back to catch their bus the next morning.

Mayor Mary McDonald called the incident “despicable.”

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“This is not acceptable here in our community. Not at all,” McDonald said.

McDonald is frustrated with Greyhound after years of issues since the station moved to the city. She said she wishes the company would move out of Trotwood.

“They’re not a good fit for our community. I may get in a bit of trouble for saying this, but it’s what I feel,” McDonald said.

Both McDonald and Wilson said they both want answers from the company on the incident.

“They’re going to have to answer to me as to what they’re going to do moving forward because this will not be the norm for us here,” Wilson said.

News Center 7 has reached out to Greyhound’s company media contact, but have not received a response.