Despite ban, Trump fundraising arm is advertising on Facebook

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Former President Donald Trump has recently found a way to raise money and send his message out on Facebook, despite being banned from the platform, using his fundraising organization.

The move highlights the difficulty in preventing Trump from communicating and benefiting off Facebook while indicating that the tech giant is an important tool for the former president to remain politically relevant.

Trump's Save America PAC launched a $3,506 Facebook ad campaign on the platform last week, using more than two dozen ads to ask donors for money and promote his rally in Ohio next week, according to Facebook's ad library, a public collection of ads distributed on the platform.

Trump's fundraising arm has placed the ads using its own Facebook page, @OfficialTeamTrump, which is not subjected to the ban placed on Trump's individual page on the platform after his role in the Jan. 6 Capitol attack.


Facebook announced earlier this month that Trump will not be allowed to use Facebook or Instagram for at least two years, effective from the date of his initial suspension on Jan. 7 of this year, the highest penalty possible under its new content moderation rules.

One of the ads by Trump's fundraising arm goes after President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris and asks Trump supporters to donate to “STOP SLEEPY JOE.”

“After just a few months in office, it’s clear that Biden is nothing more than a washed-up, career politician who has no clue what he is doing. There is a CRISIS at our border, gas prices have SKYROCKETED, and America is in DECLINE! Please donate now to show President Trump what you REALLY think about Joe Biden,” the ad says.

Trump started the Save America PAC soon after the November 2020 election, and the political action committee can receive an unlimited amount of money, over $30 million so far, with Trump hoping to raise more through the Facebook ads.

Trump and Biden spent almost $100 million on Facebook ads during the 2020 election, more than any other social media platform.

Facebook told the Washington Examiner that Trump's suspension on the platform has not changed.


“President Trump is suspended from Facebook so he can't post at all," Andy Stone, a Facebook spokesman, said in a statement. "Groups affiliated with the former president are not barred from posting on Facebook so long as they are not posting in his voice."

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