Despite COVID Concerns, Heavy Travel At Miami International Airport

CBS4's Jessica Vallejo spoke with travelers at MIA.

Video Transcript

- Now at 7:00, airports in South Florida are preparing for another influx of travelers this time for Easter.

- In fact, Miami International Airport is already as crowded as can be, and most people say the pandemic won't stop them from having a good time. CBS 4's Jessica Vallejo is live at Miami International Airport with this story. Jessica?

JESSICA VALLEJO: That's right, [? Lord ?] and Elliot. Well, many of the passengers I spoke to today said they're heading to South Beach. Now do take a look. This is the airport right now. Miami International Airport is not as busy as we saw earlier, but a spokesperson from the airport says they do expect more than 100,000 passengers throughout the weekend.

As he coronavirus continues to linger, Miami International Airport is packed on a Thursday afternoon.

- I'm traveling to Spain. I'm moving there.

- While some are leaving the sunny South Florida for the holiday weekend, many packed their luggage to head out to South Beach for their spring break.

Where are you going?

- South Beach, of course. Of course.

- The CDC has warned against travel as Miami Beach officials have imposed curfew on the beach due to these unruly crowds we have shown here. [? D ?] from Utah says it does not scare her.

- I'm not really scared. I take my precautions. I wear my mask. I use my hand sanitizer, so yeah.

- Alyssa Manos just arrived from New York.

- It's my boyfriend's spring break. We're seniors in college.

- But Manos says, she'll be staying away from the crowds.

Yes, but we're staying in downtown Miami. We're not going to be on South Beach, so hopefully, it's a little better.

- A spokesperson from Miami International Airport says, on Monday, they hit a record breaking number of more than 97,000 passengers within the day. Throughout the weekend, they expect to surpass that number. According to the CDC, the state of Florida and Michigan now lead the US with the most cases of the COVID-19 periods. While many people are traveling with COVID on their minds, wearing masks and others with their face shields, Fernando says, on his flight last week--

- They were using the masks, but there was no social distancing. It was full.

- And many of these health officials are very concerned with these new variants. They say we're still very much in the midst of this pandemic. So if you are traveling for this weekend, they ask you to please follow those CDC guidelines. In Miami, Jessica Vallejo CBS 4 News.