Despite the Delta variant, the White House urges all schools be open in the fall

During a White House briefing on Friday, Yahoo News National Correspondent Alexander Nazaryan asked press secretary Jen Psaki what the administration is doing to ensure that children will not need remote learning this fall. Psaki said that the objective is to ensure that “100 percent” of schools are open through funding from the American Rescue Plan and from adherence to CDC guidelines.

Video Transcript

- Thanks, Jen. You know, a lot of parents are concerned about the coming school year. What's the White House doing to sort of make sure that we're not-- we're not going to do it remotely learning again nationwide?

JEN PSAKI: Well, our plan and our objective and our desire and commitment is to-- to push for and ensure 100% of schools are open across the country. That's also, of course, up to school districts to implement. But from the federal government, the role we have played is by advocating for funding in the American Rescue Plan. That can help provide funding for mitigation measures, for schools, so that they can invest in social distancing opportunities, or repairing vents that need to improve ventilation.

We're also-- we've also put out public health guidance from the CDC that includes specific mitigation measures that schools can take. And our Secretary of Education has been focused on this issue from the first day he was sworn into office working across school districts to share best practices, and ensure we can work towards returning kids to in school learning.

- But Delta doesn't change that, right?

JEN PSAKI: Delta has not changed our public health guidelines. No. OK. Let's go back to the front. Go ahead.