Despite hiccups Daleville solar panels reaching the finish line

May 25—DALEVILLE — Passersby can see that the solar panels across from the Daleville Town Hall have been installed, Daleville Town Council President Tom Roberts said Monday.

More work is still to be done; the panels have not been connected to the building, according to Town Councilman Adam Jones.

This comes after officials estimated panels would be installed by May 1. Jones said workers ran into underground debris, which had to be removed in order to install the panels.

Jones could not say when the panels would be operational; they are waiting for approval from their electrical service provider. No timeline was provided.

The set of panels will be used to power the Town Hall on Walnut Street. Another set is being used to power the Daleville Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Both sets are part of one project, which was estimated at about $381,000 in October.

Costs were revised in March by Telamon Energy, the contractor heading up the project, to include the almost $25,000 change order from January.

The project is now estimated at 380,000.

American Rescue Plan and other funds were slated to cover the project costs; taxpayer money is unnecessary, according to Jones.

Daleville was slated to receive a 30% rebate from the federal government.

Last fall, Roberts said the town could receive the rebate if it waited until after January to power the panels.

The town is still eligible for the rebate, according to Jones.

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