Despite Loyola's Loss In Sweet 16, Ramblers Fans Confident They'll Be Back In NCAA Tournament Soon

Loyola fans gathered in Rogers Park on Saturday afternoon to watch the Ramblers make their second Sweet 16 appearance in the past four years. CBS 2's Meredith Barack was at a watch party where fans went from excited to anxious fairly quickly.

Video Transcript

- Loyola fans gathered in Rogers Park this afternoon to watch the Ramblers make their Sweet 16 appearance. CBS2's Meredith Barack takes us to a watch party where fans went from excited to anxious fairly quickly.

MEREDITH BARACK: Jim, a short time ago, these seats were all filled with fans wearing their maroon and gold. You could definitely feel the mood shift from hopefulness to heartbreak, but fans are confident Sister Jean's squad will be back. A friendship born from Loyola basketball.

- We have a great coach. We have a great program.

MEREDITH BARACK: Jocelyn Travis and Linda [? Buben ?] actually met at this bar in 2018 when cheering on the Ramblers. Jocelyn is a Loyola grad. Linda lives nearby.

- A win for Loyola means a win for this neighborhood.

MEREDITH BARACK: Today's loss won't change how they feel about the team.

- We're kind of down, but we're excited. Look how far we've gone. So we're still excited.

MEREDITH BARACK: It's how other fans feel as well.

- I wanted my neighborhood university to win.

- They're all playing their hearts out. It's really cool.

MEREDITH BARACK: It is a win, however, for the owner of R Public House.

RENEE LABRANA: We've been closed inside ever since the pandemic started, and we've been putting out small TVs.

MEREDITH BARACK: The big game and big TV truck bringing out alumni, families, and even four legged fans.

RENEE LABRANA: It's wonderful, because we definitely aren't, you know, one of the Big Ten or any of those large teams, so it's great to see it. We all love Sister Jean, and everybody is just so happy to see other people.

MEREDITH BARACK: And the fans say they're confident they'll see the Ramblers back in the tournament again.

- We'll be back, like Sister Jean says.

- Yes.

MEREDITH BARACK: In Rogers Park, I'm Meredith Barack, CBS2 News.