Despite personal financial challenges of the day, Abilene gives $1.73M to others

Abilene Gives fell short of its goal Tuesday, and for the first time did not build on the previous year.

Yet, $1.73 million is a lot of money that will do a lot of good.

The 24-hour giving effort shined during the pandemic, with donations in 2021 coming close to $2 million.

Topping that was the modest goal this year, but we didn't make it.

Perhaps we really are struggling financially, or, at least, being more cautious with our money. Certainly, the 160 participating organizations did their best to get the word out and encouraged giving.

Katie Alford, president and CEO of Community Foundation of Abilene, said the nonprofits worked hard and that $1.73 million would help many organizations.

"I think we should be excited," she said. There still are amplification dollars to add to totals, she said.

Camp Able, the 2021 overall winner, topped the leaderboard again, and its total was up more than $8,000. Folks seem to really appreciate their equine therapy program.

West Texas Rehabilitation Center and Hospice of the Big Country took in $69,735. Last year's take was $70,870. Basically, they held their own.

But giving to the top five finishers this year was $40,000 less than in 2021.

There were 443 fewer donors overall.

Still, let's celebrate.

There were 3,813 donors. To that group, we applaud your interest and generosity.

Donors will cups with $1.73 million of donations for the 2022 version of Abilene Gives.
Donors will cups with $1.73 million of donations for the 2022 version of Abilene Gives.

It was fun to watch the leaderboard tick up during the day. We were past $1 million around 4 p.m..

Over six years, Abilene has given about $6.8 million.

We realize some of these gifts would be made without Abilene Gives. Some folks choose now to donate on this one day in May, when there are opportunities to amplify those gifts.

But we also believe people are giving just to give, and probably to organizations they could overlook.

Abilene Gives is a big win-win for our city. It makes us feel good, and it does good.

Is there anything better?

This article originally appeared on Abilene Reporter-News: Despite personal financial challenges, Abilene gives $1.73M to others