Despite Rising COVID Cases, No Plans To Implement Restrictions

Minnesota is in the top 10 for states with the highest rate of new cases and a rise in hospitalizations, Caroline Cummings reports (1:47). WCCO 4 News At 6 - April 7, 2021

Video Transcript

- Minnesota has given up more than 3 million vaccine shots.

- That's more than 42% of the population 16 and older with at least one shot. Minnesota, however, is in the top 10 states with the highest rate of new cases and a rise in hospitalizations. For now, though, there are no plans to re-implement any restrictions. WCCO's Caroline Cummings explains.

CAROLINE CUMMINGS: An uptick in vaccinations means the end of the pandemic is in sight.

TIM WALZ: The good news is we're moving back towards that place where those meals and those gatherings can happen again.

CAROLINE CUMMINGS: But when Minnesota, the country, and the world will truly feel normal again, that's still unclear, as the state's cases and hospitalizations are on the rise and the threat of the variants looms large.

TIM WALZ: And, yes, I am concerned.

CAROLINE CUMMINGS: For now, though, Walz says he is not considering rolling back restrictions he's lifted. Like allowing fans in the stands for the Twins home opener tomorrow. That could change if hospitals become overrun. But on Wednesday, he stopped short of setting a specific date and parameters for when more limits will lift.

GAVIN NEWSOM: Today, in the state of California--

CAROLINE CUMMINGS: Similar to what California Governor Gavin Newsom did this week when he said the state can fully re-open June 15 if vaccinations continue and hospital use remains low.

TIM WALZ: Now, I would mention this-- California is at a much lower rate of infections as it currently stands. I think what they're thinking is by giving that day, that they're gonna outrace the variant with vaccines because they're not at a hot spot. We'll see over the next couple weeks.

CAROLINE CUMMINGS: A new flashpoint in the pandemic debate, vaccine passports, or credentials, to show you're inoculated as things get back to normal. The prospect of them in Minnesota?

TIM WALZ: Yeah, I have no intention of doing vaccine passports. Our vaccine passport is get the shot.

CAROLINE CUMMINGS: Caroline Cummings, WCCO 4 News.