Despite Russia's huge losses, Putin brags about weapons and is ready to share them

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Putin, a screenshot

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, has given a speech at the opening of the Armiya-2022 (Army 2022) forum in the Moscow region in which he spoke about the "best weapons" and Russia’s readiness to distribute them to its "numerous allies and partners".

Source: Putin’s speech quoted by Kremlin-aligned media

Details: Putin is convinced that he has "many allies and like-minded associates on different continents".

He also claimed that Russia is ready to "offer to its allies and partners" various weapons, from firearms to armoured vehicles and artillery, aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles.

The Russian President has also once again reiterated that Russian weaponry is decades ahead of its foreign counterparts in terms of development.

Quote: "During the special military operation our soldiers along with ‘the fighters of Donbas’ are doing their duty with dignity, fighting for Russia, for a peaceful life in the ‘Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics’, completing all their assigned objectives with precision and liberating ‘the land of the Donbas’ step by step.

Background: Between 24.02 and 15.08 the Russian occupiers have lost nearly 43,800 personnel and 1,876 tanks.